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Healing Dance general
Healing Dance was developed by Alexander George and contains elements of Watsu, Trager work , Waterdance and pure movement. It combines the freedom, scope and 3-dimensionality of Waterdance with the safety and nurturing of Watsu. The approach is based on the healing power of movement and how the body naturally moves in water. The movements are hydrodynamic and spacious, featuring over twenty different, undulating wave movements that integrate the body and release blocked energies. Quiet embraces, releases, tractions, smooth transitions and massage are all woven together in a continuous flow.

With over twenty five years experience in ballet, modern and free movement exploration, Alexander brings new insights and inspiration into aquatic bodywork. In 1990, he began to develop Healing Dance, bringing the joy and exhilaration of the dance into the therapy pool. Healing Dance is a Watsu special elective , and as such accredited for the Watsu Practitioner certificate. Alexander George introduced Healing Dance to theNetherlandsin May 2004.

Basic Healing Dance

Advanced Healing Dance

For more information, visit his website: www.healingdance.org

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Basic Healing Dance
This Healing Dance course ( 60 hours ) is accredited for the Watsu Practitioner certificate. This allows you to take Watsu 3 or Healing Dance as special subject electives. Watsu I is a prerequisite for this course. In Healing Dance the entire session takes place above the surface of the water, yet the free and waving movements may elicit many of the same responses experienced in a Wata session. The form follows the natural tendencies of the body moving in water in a variety of waves, circles and figure eights with the legs free to experience the sensation of the water flowing past.
Positional sanctuaries, releases, creative stretches and transitions are part of this level. Students learn the principles of relating and mirroring, moving by example, generating a rhythmic field, and applying advanced body mechanics to be able to travel smoothly across the pool to create "virtual currents."

Advanced Healing Dance
Advanced Healing Dance builds on the moves and positions already learned in Basic Healing Dance and adds in spirals, some effective bodywork techniques and new mini-sequences. These include Seaweed II for working the upper body, Arabesque for its strong stretches and flying circles, the tender, low key Chagal, the nurturing Klimt and some creative stepwork. Also included in this class are exercises to help students adapt and improvise in their work. Ideas for sequencing a Healing Dance session are discussed, and the concept of channeling movement is explored. It delivers the fullness of Healing Dance's surface repertoire giving particpants the tools and confidence to dance with their receivers.

Healing Dance Shape and Space The Dolphin

Healing Dance Shape and Space The Parachute

Healing Dance Shape and Space Capoeira Knee Snake

Healing Dance Above and Below Arabesque

Healing Dance Above and Below Head Foot Parachute

Healing Dance Above and Below Sequential Release

Healing Dance Above and Below
This class is designed to bring the principles of Healing Dance into the underwater experience. Maintaining flow above and below the surface is integral; the material explores how to smooth out the moment of submerging and surfacing. When rhythm, movement shape and body position are pre-set at the surface, the receiver experiences a less radical change at the moment of submerging. The coursework begins taking Watsu’s Basic Moves underwater and extends this idea to the whole session, introducing a variety of takedown moves from the repertoire of the Healing Dance. From the feedback of practitioners working with Above and Below we know that it is indeed making going underwater possible for people previously unable to allow themselves to be submerged. Taking the moves below the surface becomes a fluid dance, bringing the receiver to a place where there is no need of breath and bringing the giver to a joy in movement and presence. This class offers a toolbox of moves that are simple, elegant and intriguing to enrich your experience in the water.

Healing Dance Shape and Space
Shape and Space is the fourth Healing Dance level to come into existence after the Basic, Advanced and Above and Below trainings. It consists mostly of material Alexander had developed as early as 1993 and first taught in the US and in Europe as an advanced level of WaterDance. Shape and Space consists of a beautiful and exciting repertoire of moves and an exploration of free flowing improvisation. It is a collection of dives arranged in a viable order, one that could be used outside of class time practice in a real session. In their construction, the dives embody a language with its own grammar and syntax. The key idea in Shape and Space is learning how to create pure, generous movement shapes that speak their embedded messages to the receiver while conveying her across the length and breadth of the pool. The movements of Shape and Space are rooted in human developmental movement; in the animal movement of dolphins, seals, sharks, manta rays, snakes and jellyfishes; in elemental movement patterns seen in flowing water, and in archetypal templates that mirror our relation to spirit. The principle of chaos is honored in movements of a dynamic, arrhythmic, angular quality and also appears in formless free flow. In addition, Shape and Space explores the art of adaptation to and facilitation of the interactive receiver. Shape and Space is for those practitioners who believe in the healing power of movement and want to learn how to dance with their receivers in the water.